jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016


I'm going to explain below how to use the English Reading Plan this year.

1st: You have to choose a book. It can be SHORT or LONG.

IMPORTANT: You have to read 2 LONG books or 3 SHORT books each trimester.


2nd: You have to write your name and the title of the book on the list below:

3rd: You have to take one of the sheets of paper you have in the envelope below:

4th: When you finish reading the book, you have to fill out that paper:

- write your name
- write your class
- write the beginning date
- write the end date
- write the title
- rate it drawing stars
- complete the sentence: I like / don't like the book because... 
(circle like or don't like)

5th: Put the sheet of paper inside the envelope below.

6th: Go back to the list and put a check mark so we know that you have left the book on the shelf again. 

Now you can take a new one!!!

I will evaluate this at the end of the trimester. 

If you read 10 books or more you'll receive a certificate.


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